“Houtskool is delicious, delightful and daring” - Collin McDonnell / Co-Founder & CEO / HenHouse Brewing Company

"The focus, integrity, and talent Syd and Lucas have shines through their product. We are absolutely hooked on those dumplings." - Kelly & Noah Dorrance / Founders / Reeve WInes

“Houtskool Dumplings to the rescue! Delicious, savory dumplings with innovative ingredients and great depth of flavor.” - Matt & Sara Licklider / Founders / LIOCO Wines

“Delicious, perfect dumplings, every time!” - Sam Bilbro / Owner, Winemaker / Idlewild Wines

“With great joy I look back a 20 year journey of our friendship and I’m excited for Houtskool and its bright future.” - Andrea Lenardin Madden / Architect, Designer & Founder / a l m project

“I met Syd and Lucas a few years back and it was like meeting some kindred spirits I have known all my life.  Their passion, determination, drive to be the best and perfect everything, from their concept to ingredients, the execution of Houtskool is stellar.  Plus, they are just salt of the earth people who love what they do as much as they love life.” - Greg Dunmore / Co-Founder / The Japanese Pantry

“Houtskool Dumplings are fresh, bursting with flavor, and impressively unique. They are so savory and satisfying, yet somehow also refreshing and light. Plus, Syd and Lucas are an absolute joy to work with and are clearly very passionate about their work!” - Glenny Schmidt / General Manager / Oaktown Spice Shop

“Syd and Lucas are incredible people to work with. Their commitment, talent and innovation are truly inspiring + their dumplings are DELICIOUS for any occasion.” – Kendall Busby / Marketing Manager / Red Car Wine